“Terror level threat critical”

“Terror level threat critical”.
Let’s just stop and think about that for a moment. Think about each word, especially ‘threat’ and ‘critical’. What purpose does it serve to publicise this, in this manner? What impact is it having on the general population? Intelligence and Emergency services require a categorisation for their own needs, they can share this category among themselves. Why do broadcast and print media need to sensationalise the incident with pictures of hurt people to accompany words such as ‘threat’ and ‘critical’. Why does the PM think it necessary to state this publically and thereby validating the action as ‘terror’. Supporters of such action wait eagerly for just such a reaction and probably high five each other when the BBC solemnly intone ’29 injured’.
For the injured themselves, this of course is a horrible, terrible experience which for some will stay with them for a long time. It is a personal tragedy. Thoughts are with them.
For the rest of us, perspective is required. I don’t need to provide statistics showing what you are likely to die of or be injured by, they are easily accessed but rarely reported. I’d like to know what drives editors decisions. There is a psychology to this as well as a politics. But, please don’t be afraid. You are very very safe from terror. Even in London.
There is no terror ‘threat’, it is not ‘critical’. You are ok.
Terror itself is a media and perpetrator co-creation to serve political ends. Bombs and shootings are criminal acts, the perpetrators want you to think it it is terror, but that only works if you accept their definition. The State colludes unwittingly in their aims by labelling and publicising it as such. What do the media get out of it? A misplaced sense of public service and duty? Ratings? Sales? Profits?
This particular ‘spectacle’ is part of post colonial modernity, a tiny piece of geopolitical repositioning in which the losers of globalisation are part financed by certain groups in certain countries. They have a dangerous warped ideology rooted in afterlife mythology. It will continue as old and new empires reposition around the globe.
Let the intelligence and security services get on with the job, don’t be afraid.
Pasties in Cornwall will still be sold.


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