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NEETS, Nitwits and the nasty party.

(Above: The Unemployed get dressed up before going on the piss)


The latest PR wheeze by Cameron and his cronies in the ‘nasty party’ is to focus on feckless teenagers who cant be arsed to get out of bed to work for a living. Just in case we forget, the great recession and the rise in our debt was caused by hordes of behooded ‘yoof’, no doubt high on drugs but low on ambition, hanging about in shopping malls terrorising respectable hard working families, when they are not masturbating in their bedrooms until midday, with their music, hairstyles and Harry Stiles. Why should I struggle to get out of bed and sell my labour to the lowest bidder while those not in education, employment or training (NEET) waste their golden years moaning about low pay, the price of fags and spots? 

The GBP (Great British Public) are revolting. Not in the way that oiks incur revulsion to the upper classes, rather revolting as in “we are seriously dismayed by the actions of our betters in their tax affairs and we might just think about this for a while, well when we say ‘a while’ we mean until some no talent celebrity steals the headlines by being caught shagging, snorting coke or getting their tits out“. Just in case some of this dismay metamorphosises into something more ‘radical’, such as voting UKIP, the GBP needs new meat.


So in response, and to head off criticism of cheeky boy George Osborne going on telly to suggest tax avoidance schemes, Lynton Crosby (PR Guru to the clueless toffs) may well have prompted Cameron to go after teens. Especially those who live in the North and Midlands where ‘tory’ is a term of abuse. It turns out that the councils with most ‘neets’ are those in the north and midlands, with very very few in Tory held areas. I wonder if there is a connection between post industrial collapse and unemployment? I wonder if there is a connection between pissing off voters in areas where you have no hope of winning, stoking the fears and prejudices of natural supporters and wavering ‘hard working families’ in marginals and areas where you have strong support, and a longer term election strategy?

Is there any evidence that workfare schemes for young people of this nature…sorry, low pay/slave labour schemes…actually work? Evidence? Apologies, if I seem to suggest that public policy is based on evidence rather than PR and ideology. According to Jonathan Portes of the National Institute for Economic and Social Research, compulsory community work for the unemployed do not work.

But I digress. the real story is the diversionary nature of this chav baiting story. Get the oiks talking about the undeserving underclass, rather than a continued forensic examination of the unequal distribution of power, wealth, income and opportunities.

Please remember that Cameron is not just a PM he is a PRM, a ‘Public Relations Minister’.

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