Sex and Thugs and Gun Control

Photo by Thomas Tucker on Unsplash

Sex. Authority. Nanny. Spanking and Masochism.

All traits probably to be found in the breasts of certain Posh and blond Tory spokespersons, and their fellow travellers. These men , and it is usually men, are both architects and victims of the ‘repressive desublimation’ they want for us and themselves. They want to punish themselves and to amplify their autoerotic impulses through punishing the country, for what is austerity but puritanical self loathing and punishment as redemption for unfulfilled, and prohibited, sexual sins.

Through the offer of gratifications, repressive desublimation removes the energies otherwise available for a social critique; and thus to function as a conservative force under the guise of liberation.

In other words, deeper psychosexual tensions within the individual need to find a gratifying release which for some is Austerity for others it is guns, both are touted as in some way providing liberation and freedom in an inversion of morality.

“Suppression of the natural sexuality of the child…makes the child apprehensive, shy, obedient, afraid of authority, good, and adjusted in the authoritarian sense; it paralyses the rebellious forces because any rebellion is laden with anxiety; it produces, by inhibiting sexual curiosity and sexual thinking in the child, a general inhibition of thinking and of critical faculties” (Wilhelm Reich 1933).

Authority, and its fear, are repressed sexual impulses manifest then in obedience and conformity. Love of ‘Monarchy, Military and Middle England’ are manifestations of unfulfilled sexual desires which are both exciting but repressed as dirty. On the outside we are clean, we wear clean uniforms and we conform to then outwardly express cleanliness because we are trying to fool everyone, especially ourselves, and that our inner dirty little secret must stay hidden. In extremis, this is turned into authoritarian control for everyone, because they fear they can’t control themselves.

Scratch the surface of a conformist authoritarian and you will find a dirty little wanker terrified that he has been caught out.

We do have restrictions to protect third parties from the actions of ‘free’ individuals. In the case of guns, apart from a questionable emotional attachment to semi automatic weapons, there is no reason for a civilian to own such military hardware. By all means buy and own sport handguns and sport shotguns but within a strictly licensed and controlled environment. But military hardware? No, I argue you should not own one.


Not even in rifle clubs.

There is darkness there. Look deep into your soul, really deep and I think you’ll find psychosexual issues at the root of much of gun ownership and gun worship. It’s a penis substitute for weak or bullied people who perceive lack of control in many areas of life, and thus have a deep emotional drive to show to the world and to themselves that they are people to be reckoned with. They then rationalise this psychosexual inner drama by externalising it and referring to spurious notions of liberty, rights and second amendment bollocks. It’s a small wonder this does not happen more often as more and more Americans begin to feel national impotency in the eyes of a laughing world, adding to their sense of personal impotency.

Shooting one off shows ’em eh? Still got it, still got a hard one in my hand.

What turns a person on about a powerful tube that ejaculates material at the stroke of a finger?

Shooting inanimate objects in controlled sporting conditions in ranges is probably not based in sex, but I strongly suspect that is the case for owning an AK47* in Nevada.

So, no, Mr Trump, this is not ‘pure evil’. A category so shorn of explanatory power that it’s as useful as showing a pair of shaved bollocks to a judge in order to support your claim for leniency.



*insert your favourite grouping of letters and numbers.


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