Secret funding by Billionaires against progressive causes


George Monbiot is a well known left leaning environmentalist. He writes for the Guardian. So you may dismiss his views or accept them according to your prejudices. “Comment is free but facts are sacred” – make of this what you will. However uncovering secret funding by vested interests should be of interest to those who think democracy should be exercised on the basis of truth. What George reveals in the article is a list of organisations funding right wing, anti progressivist positions. You may check the sources, you may think that this activity is a good thing. You should however at least know what is going on. One example is the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA). This organisation has charitable status and is often quoted on the BBC as if it was independent of right wing funding and policy making. Democracy becomes debased when powerful groups, who can spend billions supporting their cause and often in secret, can set the agenda and the frame of reference for debate for billions of citizens. Like mushrooms, we are being fed shit and kept in the dark.




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