May’s ‘Big Club’


George Carlin was, and Frankie Boyle is, a comedian. And it falls to comedians to, at times, spike the ideological and smug self serving petty bourgeois bubble that surrounds many politicians, a bubble that allows them to utter, on publically  funded platforms such as the BBC, complete codshit they allow to flow from their silver spooned throats like cancer inducing projectile vomit. George reminds us that there is a ‘Big Club‘, who don’t want you to know that “you are owned“. Members of this Club don’t “want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking“. The Big Club exists and “you ain’t in it“, because “good honest hard working people continue elect rich cocksuckers who don’t give a fuck about you” while they sell you the “American Dream”. Its a dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.

Frankie suggestsThe Conservative party doesn’t really do principle, it’s more of a pitch by elite interests at what they think the public might buy“. This pitch is fronted by cartoons such as Boris Johnson and latterly by  “Jacob Rees-Mogg, a composite figure drawn from the nightmares of 18th century millworkers. He looks like a Punch cartoon of the first giraffe in England, and maintains the general air of someone who has had a wank to the Book of Deuteronomy.”

A Tory somewhere will spot an opportunity and start printing ‘wipe clean’ old testaments. Jesus will weep.

We should not have to be reminded that the Tories represent the interests of Capital while simultaneously trying to convince us that having milk snatched from babies mouths, throwing the disabled in front of buses, telling the mentally ill to ‘pull themselves together and get a (zero hours) job’ is the best thing since discovering that your willy is a source of eternal gratification especially when you get someone else to stroke it.

Members of the Big Club in the UK often share a certain background, but not exclusively so…they manage to co-opt members of all classes, some of whom lemming like, leap willingly into the abyss while some of their peers push them over the edge singing ‘Rule Britannia’.

Our society is riddled with contradictions. We complain about a health and social care service being brought to its knees like a catholic choir boy being forced to swallow the acrid jizzum of Capital’s High Priests while being told it tastes like honey and yet we don’t want to ‘tax the rich’ in case they take fright and hide away. We gawp at, and cheer on, one London based couple receiving State handouts because they talk posh, are pretty and went to a decent school while baying for the blood of other State supported couples who have the temerity not to be born in a gilded tower in Mayfair but to have lived in some other smoke stacked tower in Kensington.

Frankie writes: “The contradictions of our society are managed by having an elite class who have internalised them, often through attending public school and Oxbridge (Oxbridge is a compound term formed from the words obnoxious and privilege). What we often think of as the self belief instilled by an elite education is really a kind of class exceptionalism, a belief that privilege is earned through talent and hard work, against all of the available evidence“.  Don’t confuse an ‘elite’ education’ with ‘education’.

Theresa May had an education. This included St. Juliana’s Convent School for Girls, a Roman Catholic independent school. When she was 13, May won a place at the former Holton Park Girls’ Grammar School, a state school in Wheatley. May then attended the University of Oxford where she read geography at St Hugh’s College, graduating with a second class BA degree.

I’m assuming the geography she read at Oxford included the ‘Ladybird of Book of the British Empire’, Capitalism for Dummies’ and ‘How to Airbrush History’.

Recently May stated “A free market economy, operating under the right rules and regulations, is the greatest agent of collective human progress ever created. It was the new combination which led societies out of darkness and stagnation and into the light of the modern age … That is unquestionably the best, and indeed the only sustainable, means of increasing the living standards of everyone in a country“.

May either does not know or wilfully ignores the fact that the ‘free market’ bit is bollocks, that neoliberalism is all rhetoric, not reality, one which serves the interests of Oligarchs and Plutocrats.  That the notion of ‘progress’ is blind to the past and present human suffering required to create it, that to call other eras, and human societies that exist or have existed ‘darkness and stagnation’ is the arrogance of Anglo-American modernity…a modernity that is consuming itself, the biosphere and the planet. May is the product of a petty bourgeois home, spouting petty bourgeois platitudes, to a petty bourgeois audience whose tears of joy at such banalities flow as acid to the hopes, dreams and ambitions of billions.

The Big Club cheers while it watches its rentier and casino finance wealth pile up in untouchable tax havens. The arms dealers, the tobacco Lords, the military-industrial complex, the fossil fuel and media Barons, shower themselves with praise and dividends while the little people are distracted by two morons with an arsenal of nuclear weapons whose size is only matched by ego.



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