“its interesting to be young and famous…”

“…and I want to be young and famous!” So says an interviewee on the streets of LA when asked about the visit of Wills and Kate to the USA. Well, to be young does not take much talent, just ensure you get born and stick around for a short while. But not too long eh? Otherwise you may make the transition to ‘not young’ and then ‘old’ and then, ‘heaven forfend’ you will be boring. Also make sure you are born (preferably white and to well off parents) in the Rich developed world, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles for example. Not in, say Africa, where the Disasters Emergency Commitee (DEC) has just issued an appeal (http://www.dec.org.uk/). 10 million, yes count them, people are at risk due to a combination of the worse drought for 60 years (climate change?) and war.

Maybe it is churlish of me to expect anything other than vacuousness from a Valley Girl, after all, she lives in a town that makes a living out of dressing up and make believe. If asked about the Horn of Africa she would probably giggle thinking you were making reference to a porn film. Context is all and so what else could she say when asked about British Royalty? Wills and Kate, fresh from bear trapping, moose shooting and patronising native american indians in the North, have arrived in Tinsel Town to meet other royalty (The Beckhams). This has created a flutter of excitement among those who already have difficulty differentiating between reality and illusion, further stoking dreams of being ‘like them’ by buying stuff from whatever designer Kate chooses to use for her breakfast cereal.

I did ‘young’ once, it was…ok. Too much testosterone without a valid release valve or the wit to use it. It was also easy and only started getting difficult around 30 years of age. Famous? Famous for what? Dressing nicely and marrying a very rich bloke who is going to inherit even more riches and having sister who has a nice arse? That’s interesting is it? (ok, from a bloke’s perspective the latter must be).

A valley girl with nice teeth is an easy target, the poor lass did not go out that morning expecting to pronounce on global poverty, the surplus capital accumulation problem or the political struggle in Libya. Brought up on a diet of fashion, sparkle and a world view so one dimensional that it would disappear if seen from the side, how else can she answer when confronted by a moron with a microphone who thinks that the Americans must love Wills and Kate as much as we do.

Well, a child in drought stricken Africa is young and I guess living in a war zone is nothing if not ‘interesting’. And now, thanks to the DEC appeal they are famous (I have seen them on the telly!)


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