Happy Birthday Charles.

Happy 65th birthday Charles.


Not for you the present of an abdication, a chance for you to further subvert democracy through secrecy, deference and opaque influence. For the man ‘who has everything’, except the throne, life must be a bore. I would pity you your life, but the baubles of unearned income, social sycophancy and a jet set lifestyle somewhat cushion the seat of thorny despair upon which your gilded buttocks wait their turn for ever more lingual applications of subservience. As if 65 years of it has not been enough already.


Your son lies in wait only just behind you. He hovers like a kestrel stalking an old vole who, he knows, will soon be gobbled by the fates of time and age. Your son, befriended, bejewelled and now besting you with his own Diana, spawns yet another ‘in line to the throne’ spewing froth and forth from servants of the crown who have already hailed King George even before your mother has been canonised. Imagine, Charles, a St Elizabeth the first! Pity we are not a catholic country with its papal movable feasts leading to movable popes.


Tanya Gold writes in today’s guardian “Our monarchy gives succour to autocracies of a more dangerous kind; the politeness, and recognition, with which the royal family greet the tyrants of the Middle East is hideous to see. Monarchy, of whatever stamp, shrouds society in class, when we can least afford it. It is reductive, infantile – security dreamed rather than thought – a political system for children and for those who confuse leadership with entertainment. Monarchy is, in short, a drug, and the more fragile our democracy, the more dangerous it becomes”.


The monarchy is supported by many, if not the majority, of people in the UK. I just think we could dispense with thier services as a small step towards reclaiming some citizen power. We have an elite running our government and for them the Monarchy symbolises their power, it helps to legitimise our system because it has a tradition and history which the elites think have served the UK very well. I have not got the time to go into the history of the British Empire which, indeed, helped to increase the wealth and prosperity of UK citizens but did so at the expense of indigenous cultures around the globe and on the backs of the working class at home. We have just remembered the millions of war dead who fought for ‘King and country’ between 1914-1918. Funny thing, is the Germans also fought for King and country, Both peoples were fooled. Monarchy symbolised and helped to legitimise that slaughter. Today, monarchy is far more benign, but it still represents hierarchy, deference and masks illegitimate authority.


Happy birthday.


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