I make no apologies for overt politicking this week. Social media is the only tool ordinary people have to discuss issues, the Tory dominated right wing press being sycophantic and running to the rules of the established political class. The TV media are more interested in entertainment and seems incapable of analysis beyond spectacle.

Russell Brand may be correct on analysis but wrong on strategy. Yes, don’t vote necessarily for the neoliberal hegemony of New Labour and the ConDems. But do vote, if you don’t, the fascist and the scared xenophobic populist right will be doing so. Remember, that many current fascist and neo nazi parties in Europe have been voted in ! Twentieth century politics clearly showed how disillusioned and frightened populations voted in ‘strong charismatic men’ with tragic consequences. Look to Afghanistan to see what voting means to a population. It is the only thing we have in what is left of our tattered ‘democracy’.


Planetary health is the basis for all human health and well being.
An NHS free at the point of delivery, functioning to provide care not profit.
Education and Transport as a public good affordable for all paid for by us all.
Houses as something to live in rather than speculative investments.
Taxes as investments for the public good.
International and national control over unelected plutocrats.
The media frenzy focus on UKIP is based more on novelty and attempts to address their views are counterproductive. It cedes the ground to them and forces us to use their frame to counter argue. People vote according to their values and no amount of facts will sway them. UKIP have very successfully frightened people into the ‘fear of the other’ when in fact it is class politics being played out…low wages and ‘flexible’ labour policies favour the interests of capital and employers and not the workforce. The wealthy are not job creators or wealth creators – even Henry Ford realised that fact when he acknowledged that his workers needed enough pay to buy the cars they were making, without demand he had no business. Employers only take on staff as a last resort – if there is a demand for their business – workers are both employees and consumers, squeeze that sector of society and and demand drops off to be filled by credit. Sound familiar?

Therefore green values need shouting as I think they are in accord with many people’s values, focusing on what is positive rather than trading on fear. We should be extolling the values of community, empathetic understanding allied to individual and social responsibility, restructuring the economy so that it works for all not just the elite and the lucky, we should be shouting about the critical need to instigate international and national global governance that challenges the neo-feudal plutocracy and the hegemony of the ‘market’ (which is paraded about as if it is devoid of vested interests, manipulation, criminal practice and unethical behaviour).

Vote green.


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