2degrees is a network for sustainability professionals. From their website:

“We believe that the world economy is changing very rapidly. Like the CEOs of companies such as Walmart,NikeTescoP&G and Unilever, we believe that to survive and grow, businesses must start to operate sustainably.

In this changing world, sustainability is increasingly a source of competitive advantage, driving growth, efficiency and profitability. Within years there will be no need to talk about ‘sustainable business’. All businesses will be sustainable, or not in business at all.

Sustainable business is no longer the sole preserve of sustainability professionals. Business people across all disciplines are recognizing the opportunities presented by sustainable thinking. Because of this, we provide services to both sustainability specialists and other business professionals.

We believe that the answers to our sustainability challenges are out there, somewhere. What is needed is the ability to connect up organizations, people, ideas, experiences and solutions, and the desire to change. Social media technologies can help do this on a massive scale – and managed communities like 2degrees will accelerate the change”.

There are of course arguments to be had about whether some business models are sustainable, or whether corporate and finance capitalism can ever be sustainable given their need for growth. This is a theme that underpins a good deal of my thinking.

However, I have become a guest blogger on the site and my first post goes up very soon. In this short piece I outline the link between climate change sustainability and health and set out the position for many health care professional and educators.


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